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Distillo Expo 2023
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Two days about «craft» technology
East End Studios - Spazio Antologico - Milan
Tue. May 16th
Wed. May 17th

Access to Distillo Expo 2023

If you bought the ticket online, you simply have to show up at the entrance box with the printout of the email received or the ticket in electronic format. Due to the Covid restrictions we had introduced several tickets for the two different days of DISTILLO, these restrictions have expired and you can show up without notice even on a different day than the one booked. So, if you bought a 2-day ticket, you will be able to access both 16th and 17th May. If you have purchased a single entry ticket on Tuesday or Wednesday, you will be able to access any of the two days of the event.

It is possible to pay the tickets  even on the same day at the cash desks.Electronic card payments only.


You can download your tickets on​, select Events, DISTILLO 2022, Download Tickets .

Food and Drinks

DISTILLO EXPO 2023 is a B2B technical expo of distillation equipment. No mixing or tasting of products is foreseen. There are various possibilities in the area: bar, bakery, Qbeer brewery with kitchen, CAMM - Gourmet Restaurant & Pizza, Via Gaudenzio Fantoli, 10, Milan.

How to arrive at DISTILLO

To reach the East End Studio - Spazio Antologico, Via Mecenate 84/10 Milan, we recommend the use of public transport.

Train and public transport
  • Buses and Trams

    • Buses Z410, Z412, K511, K512

    • Tram 27 - din Piazza Duomo (direction Viale Hungary), Mecenate 77 stop.

  • Central Station

    • M3 (direction S. Donato, 12 stops) up to Rogoredo. See below from Rogoredo station.

    • M3 (direction S. Donato, 13 stops) up to S. Donato. Bus Z412 (direction M. Bruto/Ovidio)

  • Rogoredo station

    • Bus 88 (11 stops) to Via Mecenate after Via Quintiliano.

    • Passante S13 (direction Bovisa non-stop) up to Porta Vittoria. Tram 27 (direction Ungheria, 7 stops) to Via Mecenate 30.

    • M3 (direction S. Donato non-stop) up to S. Donato. Bus Z412 (direction M. Bruto/Ovidio)

  • Railway "Passante Ferroviario"

    • Passante lines S1, S2, S5, S6, S12 and S13 up to Porta Vittoria. Tram 27 (direction Ungheria, 7 stops) to Via Mecenate 30

By car
  • Tangenziale Est Exit 4 -Mecenate, 5-CAMM or 6 - Forlanini.

  • Parking: the closest guarded car park is about 500 meters away: CAMM parking, Via Fantoli 6, 20138 Milan.Map.

By plane
  • Linate airport

    • 10 minutes by Taxi

    • Metro M4 (stop Repetti then tram 27 direction Viale Ungheria), Bus line 73 (direction Viale Corsica), stop at Pta Vittoria then tram line 27 (direction Viale Ungheria), stop Mecenate 77.

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