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Barison Industries

Ground floor, stand 7

Via Vienna 14, 16, 50 - Z.I. SPINI settore D
38121 Gardolo (TN)

Tel +39 0461 1788800



Barison Industry

Distillation is an ancient art of which the master distillers jealously preserve the recipes created thanks to their experience and continuous tests.

Distillation is an ancient art that is based on a simple chemical concept, taking advantage of the different boiling point of the compounds, and separates them.  

Over the years, distillation became a cultural factor, in fact the spirits have become representative of the areas themselves. This leads the master distillers to jealously preserve the recipes developed thanks to the experience gained over years of work.

The distillation is divided into discontinuous and continuous, in the first case the processes are done in small batches by loading predefined quantities of raw material into the still, while in the second case the raw material is continuously introduced into the plant allowing to work larger volumes.

After over 300 distillation plants designed and installed in 30 countries around the world, today we can guide you in choosing the plant that fully satisfies your needs. We will evaluate with you the raw materials that will be used for the distillation process, the size of the environment that will host the new plant, the type of power supply and the certifications required by your country, and only then will we design and build the plant that will impress your signature on each distillate.

Your plants have been designed, according to different distillation methods, to produce: Grappa, Brandy, Cognac, Whiskey, Gin, Rhum, Vodka, Neutral Alcohol, Aquavit.

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