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First floor, stand 18


Via Podgora, 10

20122 Milano


Tel +39 0382 814971




Cosmotec is a company specialized for years in the design and production of primary packaging for the selective perfumery and premium distillery sectors.

Cosmotec creates a 100% "made in Italy" product capable of competing globally. It invests in creativity, quality, Italian know-how, professionalism and modern technologies, and allow you to manage the design phase with ability and speed with solutions suitable for each project.

A competent and attentive work team at every stage of the production process, guarantees a finished product that meets the needs of the market. The fusion takes place with modern die-casting machinery, various decorative proposals are offered including painting, pvd, screen printing, hot stamping and is specialized in the assembly and gluing of the components produced.

The production is based on innovative finishings and technologies for a lower environmental impact, a lower use of plastic, a lower consumption of water, reduced harmful emissions, reduced industrial waste, use of electricity from renewable sources and use of 100% recycled raw material.

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