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Biemme Etichette

First floor, stand 22


Località Ponte Cantone 41
25010 Pozzolengo (Bs)


Tel +39 030 9916109




Linkedin biemme-etichette-autoadesive-s.r.l.



​Design and production of graphic systems, production of self-adhesive labels, printing on thin film and paper on customers' specs for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, food and cosmetic sectors.

Biemme, since 1981, has been a leader in the field of self-adhesive labels on reels. Thanks to the great development of advanced technologies, it is able to guarantee a very high quality in any sector with elegance and care. Since 2019 it has been part of Nerigroup which brings together companies specialized in the printing of highly innovative labels with the most important European certifications.


Biemme: the trust of experience, the reliability of technology towards the label of the future.

Biemme is based in the Brescia area. For over forty years we have been producing the best labels for numerous production sectors. We were initially born as a family business, we have developed over the years reaching positions of absolute excellence. Today we manage a team of 40 highly specialized professionals with great experience; we develop technologies that broadly cover the needs of modern and efficient printing: offset, flexo, digital inkjet with tactile and offset effect. We have our own pre-press office internally.

Modern, dynamic and flexible in the organization of processing and delivery times, Biemme is able to offer a highly qualified complete service, but above all always competitive to adapt to customer needs.

We have always been dedicated to all production sectors, in particular:

Beverage sector

Wine represents one of the most famous Italian food excellences all over the world. Each bottle requires months of work and this activity deserves a label that knows how to tell it. The adhesive labels for the products of the sector are the fundamental element both for communicating with the consumer and as a marketing tool for sale.

Food industry

The realization of food labels requires special skills and abilities, such as execution technique. The labels must adhere perfectly to the products and maintain legibility over time, even in contact with water, humidity and oil.

Cosmetics sector

Adhesive labels for cosmetics must have an attractive design, must meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and resist moisture and chemicals. Our labels are suitable for all types of packaging - jars, bottles, tubes and boxes - for perfumes, make-up, soaps, oils and much more.

In a constantly evolving world where technological transition is fundamental, Biemme has always worked on the concept of innovation applied to the label sector. This is how the dynamic QR Code applications TAG NFC and TAG RFID were born, stickers of small dimensions and of irrelevant thickness that can also be affixed behind a label and which allow the development of interactive traceability.

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