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Ground floor - Booth 6

Via C.Battisti, 87

31028 Vazzola (TV)

Tel +39 0438 441570

Fax +39 0438 441577



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Cadalpe is specialized in the design and realization of equipment for wine, spirits and beer. It stands out for its constant search for technological innovation and its innate propensity to personalize products.

Cadalpe is a company specialized in the design and construction of equipment for the wine, distillation and beverage sector; over more than 40 years has developed a rich experience in these sectors, adding in the last decade the construction of plants for breweries.


It stands out on the national and international scene for the constant search for technological innovation and the innate propensity to customize products, based on the needs and demands of customers.


The offer of Cadalpe is very rich: solutions for cold and heat exchange; solutions for pasteurization; solutions for filtration; solutions for tartaric stabilization; solutions for concentration and desulphurisation; solutions for distillation; solutions for fermentation and storage; plants for microbreweries and other equipment.


Each equipment is designed to ensure maximum quality and durability, with the guarantee of the best quality/ price ratio.

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