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Ground floor, stand 6


Poststraße 109
D-73054 Eislingen


Tel +49 7161 97830

Fax +49 7161 978321



Carl Gmbh

Finest Distilling Technology since 1869. Together we are delighted to celebrate with you our 150 years’ anniversary. On the following pages you will find our vision for tomorrow, our products and our highest quality approach in all necessary capacities.

Founded in 1869 – well before the first car was invented by Carl Benz 20 years later – we are now working as a family business in its fifth generation. We thank our fantastic teams over generations, which have helped us to generate this success over the past 1 ½ centuries. Our extraordinary team spirit and an approach to improve every day has made impossible projects become reality..

The global village with its fast dynamic market requires constant innovation, change and courage, also in our distilling business. CARL’s unmatched quality and reliability, combined with very personal service and trust in our customers, suppliers, partners and our team, prepares us for the future demands.

Very positive feedback from our many, happy customers, give us the feeling that we meet their very individual demands.

We say thank you for your loyalty and trust in our distilling systems. With you as our clients and our great team we are looking forward to more innovative years and exciting projects.


We would be happy to welcome you at our shop in Eislingen, only 30 minutes away from Stuttgart airport.

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