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Craft Distilling Consulting

Ground floor - Booth 12


Via G.Puecher, 40

23847 Molteno (LC)

Tel +39 031.7186626




Craft Distilling Italy

The first Italian consulting company for micro-distilleries that helps you to open and grow your distillery.

We put at your disposal a team of professionals in the sector, we follow the development of the business plan at all stages. With Craft Distilling you will be supported throughout the entire process, from the feasibility study to the introduction of the new product on the market. And if you have an existing distillery, we implement the possibilities for growth and the creation of new products.

We support those who want to open a new distillery and those who are already in business and aim to expand the market or launch a new product. Micro-distillation is an expanding movement worldwide and Italy is now facing the new opportunities offered by a phenomenon that promises to be full of stimuli and new evolutions. The public's request for quality spirits and the growth of an ever-increasing number of enthusiasts pave the way for new productions and experiments.

Thanks to three decades of experience in the world of distillation, we have created a team of professionals in the sector to support every aspect of the opening and management of a distillery. From the feasibility study, to the request for funding, from technical support to market launch.

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