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Des Doo

Ground floor - Booth 4

Gornji Verusic 58

24106 Subotica


Tel+381 64 8215544


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Des Doo

We manufacture a wide range of superior quality, high performance copper stills affordable for your hobby yet reliable and efficient for your Distilling Business.

We are a proud member of a wide global community with a passion for distilling. During 60 years in business, we have developed a range of products from small capacity hobby models intended for all distillation lovers, up to professional installations for large distilleries. By escalating into new markets and expanding the distribution network, we make our products available to a large number of customers, on all continents.


DES brand is based on high-performance, high-quality, yet affordable distilling units. Carefully refl ecting on the needs of our customers, we adapted and perfected the products. Today we enable customers to confi gure products according to their own requirements. We put the accent on creating premium products, capacity from 120 to 2000 L whose application results in the maximum flavor of the produced beverage.

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