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Dujardin Selleron

First floor, stand 23


872, route de la Gare
37210 Noizay


Tel +33 247 255825

Fax +33 247 255830



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Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron conceive, fanifacture, and distribute analysis and measuremente instruments for oenology and spirits. We also develop formulation unit to conceive new products, based on vacuum distillation.

The Dujardin-Salleron instruments are known worldwide for their quality, reliability, and the accuracy of their measurements. Relying on traditional manufacturing methods, supported by a dynamic and innovative R&D team, Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron have been providing you the reference equipment for over 160 years.


Dujardin-Salleron Laboratories offer an extensive range of specialized products and services:
- the Dujardin-Salleron equipment — laboratory stills, ebulliometers, titration devices...
- the timeless instruments that became essential — hydrometers, mustimeters, alcoholmeters, wine thieves...
- the necessary articles for your day-to-day analyses.
- a selection of products from renowned manufacturers along our own production.
- technical services: training, calibration, maintenance, etc.


With a multilingual sales and technical team able to answer to all your requests, a R&D department at the forefront of innovation, all our teams work to offer you the best wine testing instrumentation. To satisfy the specific needs of the professionals, the affected departments also offer technical solutions which are always adapted, even if they need to be invented or created. The company keeps innovating and developing to bring its instruments in other fields such as: liqueurs, spirits, ciders, beers, spirits, and other distilled beverages.


For distilleries interested in innovation, we have experience in developing formulation units based on vacuum distillation, a process that enables to preserve aromas and flavours through the monitoring of several parameters (pressure, temperature...)


The renewal of our ISO 9001:2008 certificate is a further proof of our commitment to quality.

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