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Every Wave

First floor, stand 15


Viale Del Lavoro, 7
35010 Vigonza (PD)


Tel +39 049 628961

Fax +39 0422 805249



Facebook lorenzo.spicc

Linkedin every-wave-ultrasonics


Everywave Srl is specialized in the research, development and production of solutions in the field of ultrasound technologies. Everywave's mission is to find ideas and improvement solutions in the field of ultrasound technologies, with continuous support to its customers in order to optimize their productivity and therefore their competitiveness.

Everywave Srl was established in 2017 as a business unit for the Company's research and development
of Unitech of Vigonza (Padua), already operating with decades of success in the field of ad systems
power ultrasound for industrial applications.

The strategic choice that exists behind the birth of Everywave is based on the growing and widespread
interest in the use of high power ultrasounds, from 20 to 40 kHz, in new industrial applications. Ultrasound is fully defined as a green and sustainable technology since allow to reduce or limit the use of solvents and processing times.

This technology can be exploited in many sectors, including: agri-food (emulsions, extractions at low temperatures, mixing, pasteurization and sanitization), environmental (dehydration, disintegration, antibacterial treatments), energy saving and renewable energy (pre-treatment of biomass for biodigestion), water treatment (sanitation) or production of biofuels, optimization of various industrial processes (cleaning, treatments surfaces, extrusions, welding, leather treatments, initiation and acceleration of chemical reactions).

The main activities of Everywave consist of: feasibility studies, research and consultancy, design of technologically advanced products, specialized measures, design and analysis using advanced multiphysics simulation software (FEM).

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