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Ground floor, stand 4


Loc. Rigoni – Strada dei laghi, 15
Uscita n.6
53035 Monteriggioni (Siena)


Tel +39 0577 307011

Fax +39 0577 307080



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Frilli srl

Since 1912 Frilli has been supplying both continuous and discontinuous distillation systems all over the world, designed and made to measure within its own factories and suitable for working both vacuum or under pressure. The dimensions of the plants made, vary from those for hobbies to industrial ones.

Frilli Srl is a company that designs and supplies distillation systems and / or complete distilleries, starting from any alcoholic, sugary and / or starchy raw material, for the production of distillates, raw alcohol, extra neutral alcohol and absolute alcohol with its own know-how, with cutting-edge technologies and with an experience made on all continents.

The company, which achieves over 90% of its turnover abroad, is constantly and continuously expanding because the world market recognizes the high level of its technical and technological capabilities. 
Reliability, fairness and the excellent quality / price ratio are its strengths which, combined with a first level pre and post-sales assistance service, allow it to always be up to the situation, with quick and qualified answers.

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