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Giornale dei Distillatori

Ground floor - Booth 13


Via Saronno, 65

00188 Roma


Tel +39 06 33679865



Giornale dei Distillatori

Guido Scialpi Editore is a small publishing company based in Rome, specialized above all in technical and niche texts. Founder and owner is Guido Scialpi, professional journalist and editor, writer, producer of some archeology, travel and enology documentaries.

Guido Scialpi was for ten years director of the magazine Vini d`Italia and current director of the monthly Giornale dei Distillatori, both technical publications. Over twenty years of sporadic experience as head of the press office of professional organizations, of congresses (in particular, for ten years he oversaw the press office of the AssoEnologi National Congresses) and of cultural, national and international events, as well as events trade fairs with a wine theme.


Journalism teacher in various courses of the School of Social Information Techniques; he carried out studies and research on information and media for the Institute of Publicism, of which he was the vice-president and lecturer.

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