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Ground floor - Booth 3


Via Gazzo 1 – 16040 Leivi (GE) 

Tel +39 338 6616740




ILTEC is engaged in the design and assembly of vacuum fillers.
The operating principle is very simple and has two major strengths: filling takes place in the absence of oxygen, and there is no limit to the size or shape of the bottle used.

Let us first see how they work. A vacuum pump (in the case of electric models) or an ejector (in the case of pneumatic ones) creates a vacuum in a tank at the back of the machine; this will function as a lung. Once a bottle is inserted, the air inside the bottle is sucked out and the vacuum created sucks in the liquid, causing it to fall by gravity into the container. The bottle is then filled without the liquid passing through pumps or other mechanical devices that could heat it and ruin its quality.
Filling stops once the chosen level (easily adjustable) is reached, ensuring remarkable consistency during the bottling phase. There is therefore no limit to the volume of containers that can be used, which can range from mignons to bottles of over 2 liters, passing through jars with necks up to 100mm to make fruit in spirit.
Finally, our bottling machines can be combined with practical in-line filtering systems with porosity from 0.45μm up to 50μm.
Our products, initially created for the enology market, immediately found a positive response in the spirits and liqueurs market thanks to their operating principle and the use of noble materials such as AISI316 stainless steel and borosilicate glass (PYREX)

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