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Ground floor - Booth 18


Tel: +39 348 8730425


Manifattura Italiana Spiriti is based on the passion of four friends united by their love of spirits. Manifattura Italiana Spiriti's adventure was born on a trip to Scotland. Four dreamers with their feet firmly planted on the ground, engaged in as many professional fields, returned from the land of Whisky with a great conviction: it was time to turn their lives around. The idea was there, and it was to turn their passion for spirits into an entrepreneurial reality.

The courage was not lacking, combined with the deep conviction that he wanted to write a new chapter in the history of distilling, starting from two pillars such as the pursuit of excellence and the enhancement of tradition. Not even the Pandemic was able to stop that incredible desire of ours to get involved. The same one that allowed us to inaugurate an elegant craft distillery and a unique product line on the market, with the desire to share our dream with you. Which today has become a reality.

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