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Mosaic Spirits

Ground floor - Booth 20 


Viale Regina Margherita 28  20122 MILANO(MI) 


Mosaico Spirits, an innovative startup, is active in the gin production sector and as publisher of the portal, an innovative platform that allows you to create your own bottle of gin by personalizing the entire creative process. From the recipe to the label.

The company, thanks to a specific patent, has made all the processing phases and the procurement of raw materials "glocal". This shrewdness allows you to perfectly replicate the same recipe wherever Mosaico Spirits is present. Now, thanks to the work of Mosaico Spirits, it is possible to produce the same gin all over the world, sustainably and even on small batches. This is a very important aspect because it leads to a considerable reduction in pollution and the carbon footprint deriving from the transport of the finished product. 
The patented technology helps to overcome current production problems and obtain the perfect and repeatable blend anywhere in the world. Thanks to all this, geographical position, transport of the bottles and import costs are no longer obstacles. Not only that: the Gin Machine designed by Mosaico Spirits is able to create up to 200 balanced recipes in one day, against the 90-120 days needed by any competitor to create just one.

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