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Müller Pot Stills

Ground floor - Booth 1


St. Urbanstrasse 17/19
77704 Oberkirch-Tiergarten


Tel +49 7802 93550



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Müller is developing and manufacturing modern Pot Stills for distilleries worldwide.
From classic Whisky Stills, modern Column Stills as a well as Grappa Stills.

Our distillation units are known for longevity, efficiency and MÜLLER’s superior quality standards – all manufactured with German craftsmanship in our 4th generation family business. We are specialized in the production of distilling units between 100 and 2.000 Litres capacity.

Our handmade Pot Stills are particularly suitable to produce fully aromatic spirits from fruit and berries, grapes and grape pomace as well as Gin, Rum and Whisky. With the goal to extract the most diverse aroma profile and a particularly differentiated spectrum of flavours in a very gentle way, we collaborate with experienced Master distillers like Vittorio Capovilla and designed the world’s most advanced column technology.

Each unit is individually planned and built accordingly to the customer's wishes as well as the spatial conditions.

Awarded to be "Craft Enterprise of the Year 2019".

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