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Savio Trading

Ground floor - Booth 24

Savio Trading

Rue de la Gare, 47

11024 Chatillon (AO) - Italy

Tel + 39 0166 56 03 11

SAVIO srl, a company from the Aosta Valley, located in Chatillon in the Alps and founded in 1958 by Paolino Savio, has always been involved in the marketing of liqueurs, sugar and coffee. Thanks to a consolidated organization and a 70,000 cubic meter factory, the company has been able to face the continuous changes in the market (both on-trade and off-trade) and thus satisfy the needs of its countless customers.

During the years of activity, Savio srl has also been entrusted with the exclusive distribution of some world-class brands for both the Italian and international markets, managing to bring them to prestigious positions.

Almost 30 years ago, Paolino was joined by his son Marco, who is now the company's CEO. Thanks to his creativity, he has contributed to the development of new products and brands, from Génépy to Vodkas and Rums.

The company now owns several rum brands: Rum Malecon, Ron Malteco, Ron La Cruz, Rum Contadora, The Demon's Share…. All the brands are obtaining very positive results both from the public and from professionals, receiving various awards at an international level. Produced and aged in Panama, bottled in Châtillon, they are already distributed in more than 30 countries.

Therefore, with years of experience in building our own brands and successfully marketing them around the world, we are now able to support private label customers.

While the distillation of rum and the aging in barrels takes place in Panama following specific recipes and regulations, the rest of the production (from the preparation of herbs and infusions for liqueurs to mixing for distillates, from bottling to packaging) is entirely carried out in -house to carry out final quality checks and to maximize flexibility, management of customized requests and customer logistics.

The current internal production capacity, guaranteed by the new bottling machinery and highly trained personnel, is 12,000,000 bottles a year. Over the past 10 years we have already satisfied several customers in making their dreams come true!

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