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Tonnellerie Baron

Tonnellerie Baron



20 rue des Gillardeaux

17100 Les Gonds


Tel +33 546 745910



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Founded by Henri Baron in 1875, Tonnellerie Baron is situated near the town of Saintes in the
Charente-MariOme department, on the original site of its founding, still maintaining the historic craft of coopering in its purest traditional methods.

Located in the heart of the celebrated vineyards of Cognac, the artisanal workshop works in service to the most prestigious global vineyard properties.Recognized for its creativity and capacity to innovate, Tonnellerie Baron occupies a unique position, exclusive and avant-garde among French Cooperages. An independent and family owned cooperage, the cooperage is a living history of men and women dedicated to their craft and terroir.

The terroir of the Charente provides a unique balance of sunshine and humidity that is particularly favorable for the aging of oak in our seasoning yards, and serves us well in the production of barrels, puncheons, and foudres of many sizes and shapes.

The necessary time required for each step in the production process requires patience and reflection. Tonnellerie Baron is inspired by its customers, artisan vignerons from around the world, to support their wines and assist them in giving their purest expression.

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