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Ground floor - Booth 10


Via I Maggio, 4

31024 Ormelle (TV)

Tel +39 0422 205711

Fax +39 0422 805249



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We offer top of the range glass packaging products.
Our exclusive solutions are designed to satisfy the specific requirements for
Spirits, Wines, Food, Olive Oils & Vinegars and Home Perfumes, from containers to Stoppers.

to satisfy your high-quality glass packaging needs with a catalogue of original and distinctive models that are always available. Its mission is to design, produce and sell an exclusive range of glass containers (bottles, carafes, jars) while also offering premium add-on services (technical and marketing consultations, graphic design and glass decoration) for the following sectors of the market:

• Liquids (spirits, still and sparkling wines, olive oil and refined vinegars, niche mineral waters…)

• Food products (« Gourmet » range of jars)

• Home Perfumes and other cosmetics and body-care products.

To predict future developments in packaging in the main global markets in order to best valorise your products and ensure their success. Vetroelite is above all a workshop of ideas and trends. Its aim is to have a constantly renewed and complete offer, benefitting from the best conceptual and creative talents. The company also boasts in-house talents in design as well as its own technical studio, in which projects and 3D models are defined with exceptional promptness. From the industrial point of view, its partners have been carefully selected based on quality, competitiveness and consistent development over time.

“Ethics is nothing more than internal aesthetics” Pierre Reverdy
Vetroelite takes business responsibility and ethics seriously. Irrespective of the scope of its activities (from design to delivery), the company is environmentally friendly, economically productive and socially responsible. The professional ethics that inspire Vetroelite every day are applied to its customers, partners, suppliers and even its competitors. All this with the highest level of services, information and offers to its customers.

We are dedicated to listening to you. We accompany you throughout the development of your glass packaging projects in the widest sense of the term. We create value through design (3D and graphic).

We draw out your desires and then break with all convention to fulfil them. We are at your service to study your packaging product and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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